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Tensiomètre au bras

El OMRON X3 Comfort es un tensiómetro clínicamente probado que le permite controlar la hipertensión fácilmente en casa.

El brazalete Intelli Wrap de OMRON evita la molestia de tener que colocarlo en un lugar concreto del brazo, ya que mide la tensión arterial de forma precisa en cualquier posición del brazo.

La guía de colocación del brazalete y el indicador de movimiento corporal ayudan a evitar errores comunes que pueden afectar a la precisión a la hora de medir la tensión arterial.

El X3 Comfort puede ser utilizado por dos usuarios + un invitado y guarda hasta 60 mediciones de tensión arterial.

Fabricado por OMRON, la marca recomendada por los cardiólogos europeos cuando se trata de tensiómetros domésticos.

Avantages du produit


  • The Omron X3 Comfort blood pressure monitor makes it easy to get clinical accuracy from the comfort of your own home.
  • The easy way to get accurate results. The X3 comfort comes with Omron’s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff, which takes the hassle out of placing the cuff in the right position on your upper arm. As you measure, further help comes from the Cuff wrap guide, which will indicate you’ve correctly fastened the cuff. While measuring your blood pressure, you’ll need to sit still to ensure an accurate reading. However, if you do move, the body movement detector will let you know if there’s been too much movement, to avoid inaccurate blood pressure readings.
  • Once it’s taken your blood pressure reading the Omron X3 Comfort will display your heart rate and an indicator if it’s detected an irregular heartbeat or your blood pressure is above the recommended level – indicating hypertension.
  • Part of Omron’s latest range of upper arm home blood pressure monitors, the X3 Comfort has a new intuitive design that’s easy to use. The device can be used by two separate users + a guest and stores up to 60 readings per user.

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Topouchian J. et al. Clinical accuracy of the Omron M3 Comfort and the Omron Evolv for self-blood pressure measurements in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia - validation according to the Universal Standard Protocol. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2018 Aug 31;14:189-197.

Chahine M. et al. Validation of BP devices QardioArm in the general population and Omron M6 Comfort in type II diabetic patients according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH-IP). Med Devices (Auckl). 2017 Dec 27;11:11-20.

Market research by Kantar Health GmbH: European Survey with Cardiologists in 9 Countries n=69 (DE, FR, IT, ES, UK, NL, BE, PL and RU). May 2019. Data available on request.


Type d’appareil
Tensiomètre au bras
Type de brassard
Brassard Intelli Wrap 22–42 cm
2 utilisateurs x 60 mesures
Guide d’enroulement du brassard
Détection des pulsations cardiaques irrégulières
Détection des mouvements du corps
Validation clinique, Validation de diabète, Validation de grossesse
Technologie Intellisense
Particulier ou professionnel
Étui de rangement inclus
Poids (kg)
Contenu de l’emballage
Tensiomètre X3 Comfort,Brassard Intelli Wrap (22–42 cm),Mode d’emploi 1 et 2,Piles,Étui de rangement
Dimensions de l'article (mm)
105 x 152 x 85

Contenu de l’emballage

  • Tensiomètre X3 Comfort
  • Brassard Intelli Wrap (22–42 cm)
  • Mode d’emploi 1 et 2
  • Piles
  • Étui de rangement

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